Branded for those with an unforgiving palate...

Jugding Wisdom 


JWK Pies

Trust us, you can taste the rich flavors, but you won't see them on your hips.

We only use certifiably raw and organic materials that we hand pick ourselves, deep in the wild jungles of some of the most remote areas around. 

Organic poptails 

The Most Popular Products:

JWK Cakes

Our unique blend of edible flowers, grapefruit, oranges, and tangerines is sure to awaken all of your senses. 

JWK Cookies

With jasmine and just a touch of lavender, our cookies change the ordinary to the extraordinary.


Our Product Lines

Natural Handmade Soap

  • Pet Soap
  • 100% Castile Soap
  • Country Rose Bulk Soap
  • Spa Collection Soap  
  • Hair Care Kit 
  • Perfume Oils
  • Lavender Water Spray 

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